G. Deyke is an indie author of games, novels, short stories, flash fiction, and the occasional poem or screenplay. They will write anything from humor to horror to fairy tales, but have a particular penchant for speculative fiction: especially (though not exclusively) fantasy. They currently reside in a small village in southern Germany.

Due to a tragic imbalance of their machismo-to-sense ratio, G. Deyke can never refuse a ridiculous challenge.

Witch T-Rex by WindySilver.

G. Deyke can also be found on:

DeviantArt: though the site isn’t exactly geared towards writers, it is host to a thriving literary community. It’s a good place to go for feedback and contests, as well as being home to Flash Fiction Month in July: something I try to consistently take part in. I post new stories here, along with whatever other creative things I happen to be dabbling in – drawing, woodworking, whatever catches my fancy.

Smashwords: an excellent place for idealistic indie authors to publish: e-books are available in just about every format you could want with a single purchase, and everything is DRM-free. That’s right: people who actually buy their books legally do not get an inferior product to those who download bootlegs. Astounding!

Twitter: mainly a vehicle for announcing stories and news, but I do try my best to keep it at least marginally interesting.

Patreon: I actually just set this up and am not doing much with it yet, though hopefully it’ll be better developed in the future. In the meantime, if you want to throw money at me, here is a convenient way for you to do so.

Goodreads: Mostly a place for me to put reviews.

Ko-fi: another chance for you to throw money at me! I mean, if that’s something you want to do.