Site Launch

Feast your senses, visitors: I have finally gotten around to making an actual website!

The idea of this is mainly just to keep everything organized all in one place, so that it’s easier to keep track of various versions and editions and such (if I should finally get around to making print versions of books, for example), and so that I have something better to link to than just my Smashwords or DeviantArt profile. As of today, I actually have a convenient list of books to show off. And a convenient list of interactive stories! Yes indeed, the convenience is pretty much raining from the sky today.

I’ve actually been meaning to do this for quite a while, so it’s something of a relief to finally have it done.

In other news:

I haven’t had much to show off lately (except, you know, the fancy website). There are two big reasons for this. The first is that I’ve had some health issues to deal with; the other is that I’ve finally been making some good steady progress with the novel I’ve been teasing for almost two years now. You know how Flash Fiction Month is great because of the waiting audience, the near-constant feedback, and the daily sense of accomplishment?

Yeah. Novels aren’t like that.

Good news, though: what’s proved the hardest part thus far (which was actually just voice and camera placement; the amount of time it took to get past that is truly ridiculous) is well and thoroughly taken care of, and I’m more than halfway through the roughest draft now. Steady progress! At this point it’s looking like I’ll actually be able to release it midway through next year at the latest (maybe sooner!), although given the way it’s gone so far I’m very reluctant to make any promises. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve also made some travel plans for this summer: looks like I’m going to be missing the first two weeks of FFM again. I’m not too worried about this, since last year actually went pretty well. I’ll just have to keep up as well as I can with a borrowed computer, and probably catch up quite a bit once I’m back: I’m confident I can handle it.

In anecdotal news:

A few nights ago I happened to glance up while I was out walking, and saw a horse.

Through a row of windows – ordinary, glazed, frosted windows.

Under fluorescent lights.

In the second story.

In feature news:

If you’ve yet to hear of Red Nettle Studio‘s The Bottom of the Well (available here as well as on Steam and Google Play), I urge you to take a look at it!