Challenge Winner: FFM 2016

Over the past month I’ve amassed twelve challenges for this year’s Flash Fiction Month! That’s a nice round number, unambiguously decidable by a single roll of 1d12, so let’s see what the winner is:


Our winning challenge comes from MillieBee, who writes:

I’d like to contribute a challenge!  The Travelling Shovel of Death must appear in at least two stories per week.  Recurring characters could slowly become aware of the shovel, or remain hilariously ignorant.

Thank you, MillieBee! I look forward to murdering at least ten fictional constructs with a gardening implement next month. The point reward will be coming your way shortly.

Thanks also to everyone else who contributed: any one of those challenges would have been fun to see in action. Maybe next year, eh?

Other News

The biggest upcoming event is Flash Fiction Month, of course, but before that comes the simultaneously less- and more-intensive Flash Fiction Day, hosted by Damon L. Wakes. Participants are challenged to spend June 22nd writing as many one- to one-thousand-word stories as they possibly can. Quantity, not quality, is the thing to prioritize for this event; and it was by taking that sentiment to heart that I managed the completely absurd record of 90 stories last year.

This year I’m going to be spending the 22nd in a combination of airplanes, airports, and transportation to and from said airports. This means I will have no internet and no keyboard to upload or write with. I may have a mobile device, but quite frankly it seems likely that handwriting will be the better option even so. I will be deprived of food, sleep, and solitude. I will be very uncomfortable and very, very, very distracted. On the plus side, though, where everyone else will have 24 hours to write as many stories as possible, I will have 32.

Yes: I’m still planning to participate. I may not be able to upload my stories right away (indeed, I intend to continue being fairly distracted until I return on July 14th, so both that and FFM will be a bit of a balancing act), but all the same I’ll do the best I can. I hope that this time my stories may be a little less cringe-inducing than last year’s, though honestly writing under those circumstances at all will be a feat worth celebrating on its own.

In related news, my internet presence is going to be sporadic at best between the 22nd and the 14th. Comments, replies, and FFM stories may (read: will probably) be somewhere between somewhat and extremely delayed.

If you’re at all interested in either FFM or FFD, please consider joining in! Both are good fun, though in slightly different ways, and both are an excellent opportunity for experimentation.

And in less-related news, if you’re interested in writing for an anthology with proceeds going to charities that benefit LGBTQ+ youths, you should definitely check this out.

Thank you.