Audio Version of “Hunger”

I’ve been meaning to put out a few audio stories for quite some time: now, at last, the time has come. I give you “Hunger”, presented with a cool accent and with handy text for easy reading along.

I’ve altered my voice slightly (mainly in order to keep those of you who like to assign gendered pronouns guessing), but the cool accent is authentic. It is also pretty much optional, so feedback on the relative coolness/comprehensibility of the accent may have an effect on any future audio stories. (A Twitter survey confirmed my assumption that cool accents are worth a slight loss in comprehensibility, but the very low response rate mostly served to confirm that I should probably work on my Twitter platform. Perhaps I ought to upload more humorous biscuit packages.)

Please enjoy!

Phantasmical Contraptions & Other Errors

I’d just like to quickly announce the release of Phantasmical Contraptions & Other Errors, an anthology of steampunk stories edited by Jessica Augustsson. There are two of mine in there, as well as several by a number of authors I admire: if you’re at all interested in steampunk (or would like to be), please do have a look at it! The collection is available from Amazon US here and from Amazon UK here.

Thank you, and enjoy!