Changeling + print versions!



This year’s FFM collection is now out – on Smashwords, as usual, but also as an exciting print version! This is about the point where one would usually show off how fancy it is with photographic evidence, but, uh, funny story there. I actually can’t buy copies myself at cost, because CreateSpace only accepts credit cards and credit cards aren’t even really a thing here, so I’m stuck waiting for it to show up on Amazon just like anyone else who can’t or doesn’t want to buy from CreateSpace directly. Nonetheless, I assure you it is extremely fancy.

While I was at it, I also sorted exciting print versions (all of them just as fancy!) for the last three years’ FFM collections, so if you’ve ever wanted all my FFM stories nicely collected in a format you can store on your bookshelf and inhale those heady paper fumes from, this is the day that your dreams have come true. And if you’ve just wanted them in a convenient format you can store in your e-reader and inhale those heady electronic fumes from, this is also the day your dreams have come true. Dreams are just coming true left and right over here.

I’ll keep the book page up-to-date with links as it ships out to various distributors, but in the meantime you can get the Changeling in print here and in just about every e-format available here; and if you’d like to eagerly await additional distribution channels or pick up the last three years’ FFM books, just click on the appropriate image below:

borrowed strength ephemeron palalgia changeling cover small


3 thoughts on “Changeling + print versions!

  1. Wooo!!! 😀 I got way too swamped during FFM to keep up, so this could be a really good opportunity to enjoy the stories in a less frantic and sleep deprived setting.

    You’re not missing too much getting your books through the Amazon storefront: I do that just to avoid forking out stupid amounts of money for the shipping.


      • It’s also worth remembering that you earn royalties from those store sales. Obviously Amazon’s cut still makes it inefficient overall, but given that the total price is already lower than paying shipping for author copies, the fact that you get some of it back is a handy bonus.


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