Beyond Dreams is out!

Look what arrived in the post today:


It exists!

My fifth Flash Fiction Month collection, Beyond Dreams, is out at last! It’s a bit later than usual this year, because lots of things got in the way, but it’s finally finished and I can finally wash my hands of it. Not that I’m not happy with it: I’m just sick of working on it.

beyond dreams cover small

Here you can admire the cover art in more detail.

Beyond Dreams collects all my FFM stories from this year, in a conveniently portable and easy-to-read format. If this is something you want on your bookshelf, or constantly available, or as a gift for the fan of queer fairy tales among your kith and kin, you will definitely be interested. As with the last four of these, it is available in both print and electronic form; and as always, here’s a convenient line-up where you can find them all (and also admire the thematically cohesive cover art):

borrowed strengthephemeronpalalgiachangeling cover smallbeyond dreams cover small

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