A Dream of Burning Sand

I’m a little late getting this written, but better late than never. A Dream of Burning Sand came out on Monday!

You can totally pet that horse, by the way.

A Dream of Burning Sand is not my project, but I was involved as sounding board, playtester, proofreader, auxiliary writer (not of the actual script or story, but my FFM skills were certainly put to good use), and (collaboratively) composer (which is pretty much to say: I wrote most of the drum parts).

This means that I’m way too close to this game to give it anything resembling an objective review, but don’t feel enough ownership of it to be able to show it off as A Thing That I Made. This makes it a little difficult to describe or recommend! I will say that I liked it; that it does some really cool things with lighting (both as an aesthetic thing and as a mechanic); that I was involved on the making-it-better level, which means that despite not being, you know, the actual person doing anything, I still did my best to make it good; and that if you enjoy my writing, this game affords you the opportunity to find (and read, and collect) numerous stories of mine which you won’t find anywhere else.

A Dream of Burning Sand is a story-driven, exploration-based action-adventure-platformer game with several endings, plenty of sidequests, and more secrets than you will ever find. It’s for sale on itch.io here and on Steam here. If this sounds like the sort of thing you might enjoy, please do give it a look!

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