Borrowed Strength

borrowed strengthOne month.

Thirty-one stories.

Fifteen challenges.

Ranging from the silly to the serious, from the humorous to the horrific, from the speculative to the mundane, and from 55 to 1,000 words, these 31 very short stories – one for each day of July – include a little something for everyone.

Borrowed Strength (and 30 other stories) is the product of my first Flash Fiction Month, which is pretty much exactly what it says on the tin: a month-long challenge to write a story every day. This is 2014’s harvest.

I’ve also done FFM in 2015 and 2016.

You can find the (free!) e-book at:

Smashwords: available DRM-free in just about every format imaginable.

Kobo: very popular for Android; good for multiple devices.

Barnes & Noble: for NOOK.

Apple: iTunes version.

Inktera: yet another venue for .epubs!

Blio: if you use this, I’m sure you know what it is.

Scribd: this is one of those subscription services, so if you already have a subscription, this is probably the version you’ll be wanting.

DeviantArt: not, in fact, an e-book; but you can read all the stories individually here. This probably isn’t the most comfortable way to read Borrowed Strength, but if you’re interested in the individual stories, this is the best place to learn more about them.

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