melianarrheyalThis is not my story.

It began with a mad King, an imprisoned dragon, a dying world, and a girl who left everything she knew behind in order to save it, and then fell in love with a noble…

That is Therrin’s story.

It began with legends and ruins a thousand years old, stories that had long been lost, and a prophecy that might soon come to pass…

That is Ty’s story.

It began with a betrayal, and a need for revenge, and a young noblewoman who set out to restore her honor…

That is Mel’s story.

This is not my story.

For me, this is a story about Mel.

Melianarrheyal is the first novel I wrote. It shares a world and a few characters with Sahta, First Child, and takes place about fifteen years earlier; however, the two books are only loosely connected, and each of them stands alone.

You can find the (currently free!) e-book at:

Smashwords: available DRM-free in just about every format imaginable.

Kobo: very popular for Android; good for multiple devices.

Barnes & Noble: for NOOK.

Apple: iTunes version.

Inktera: yet another venue for .epubs!

Blio: if you use this, I’m sure you know what it is.

Scribd: this is one of those subscription services, so if you already have a subscription, this is probably the version you’ll be wanting.


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