With Eldwood

A Dream of Burning Sand

Two girls travelling through the desert.

A Dream of Burning Sand is a story-driven exploration-based action-adventure-platformer game with several endings, lots of sidequests, and more secrets than you will ever find. Also featuring some really awesome lighting effects and a dynamic soundtrack. You can find it on here and on Steam here.

(Role: Additional Writing, Proofreading, Idea Bouncing, and Playtesting)

Interactive Fiction

These interactive stories were written with Twine, and can be played in-browser. Enjoy!

The Dark Rift

The Dark Rift was my first experiment with Twine, and I have to admit it’s very experimental: sprawling, unbalanced, and so rough around the edges you could grate cheese with it. From my own perspective it’s more interesting for what making it taught me than as a story in its own right; still, you may find it worth a play. You may even find it worth several: between the sprawling structure and a significant random element towards the beginning, there’s a good chance your second playthrough will barely resemble your first.

You can download or play it online here.


This winter is neverending… unless you dare become a hero, and free the frozen summers.

winterWinter was my holiday project for 2014, written entirely during the first 24 days of December. It’s one of my most polished Twine stories and one that I’m particularly proud of. This one is definitely worth exploring a bit.

You can download or play it online here.

In the Shadow of the Yew

In the Shadow of the Yew was written in under 24 hours as part of a challenge with Damon L. Wakes. As you might imagine, it’s a little rough: but not, perhaps, so rough as you’d expect.

You can download or play it online here.

Between the Trees

You wake up face-down in the grass, dizzy, disoriented and confused…

between the treesBetween the Trees is a horror game written in November 2015 as an alternative to NaNoWriMo. As a NaNo project, it failed utterly: an inconveniently timed case of influenza pushed the release date back four days, at which time the complete project had only about 26k words. As a Twine game, though, it stands on its own merit. Between the Trees explores some new and interesting avenues of presentation and structure: it’s one of the most immersive of my interactive stories, as well as one of the best-polished.

You can certainly play Between the Trees even if you are blind, in bright sunlight, or on a mobile device; however, it will look much better on a decent-sized screen without glare, if you have that option.

You can play it online here. If you’d like to play Between the Trees offline, though, you’re better off downloading this alternate version which doesn’t host the images separately. (“Download” button in the sidebar.)

Within Blank Pages

What the hell did you get up to last night?

within-blank-pagesWithin Blank Pages was written for NaNoWriMo 2016. It’s a horror game, an experiment in working around Twine’s tendency to weaken puzzles by explicitly linking options: the word game certainly fits better than story in this case, moreso than with any of my other Twine stories.

You can download or play it online here.

Shameless Money-grubbing Scheme

Written for April Fools’ 2017. Exactly what it says on the tin. You should definitely play this one.

You can download or play it online here.

Quarantine Quest

It’s been three days since you’ve stepped outside your door.

Quarantine quest cover

Quarantine Quest was written over two weeks for Southampton Game Jam 2020 @ Home, with the theme of “Alone/Together”. It’s also my first collaborative Twine game, made together with Damon L. Wakes (though most of the writing is mine). It’s got a little bit of a horror tinge to it, but mostly it’s just about finding something to do with yourself when you’re trapped alone at home with no power.

You can download or play it online here.


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