Palalgia is out!


This year’s Flash Fiction Month collection, Palalgia, is now out on Smashwords!

I’ll admit it’s a bit of an awkward title, in that pronouncing it may cause some confusion (I have determined that the G must be soft, as in nostalgia), but it seemed appropriate given the high volume of shovel-related deaths in here (thanks again to Amelia Mackenzie). Palalgia is a word I’ve stitched together from my basket of spare root words and suffixes, meaning: pain or suffering inflicted by shovels. There’s quite a lot of that in there.

If you’ve already read and enjoyed my FFM stories this year, the e-book promises an easy way to keep or share them. If you’ve yet to read them, the e-book promises a comfortable way to do so. Also there are a few extra skulls in there.

This FFM series is growing year by year: they’re starting to look really nice together.

borrowed strength ephemeron palalgia

Speaking of books:

Here are a few other books (not by me) which you might find interesting:

Damon L. Wakes is crowdfunding his novella Ten Little Astronauts on Unbound. Ten Little Astronauts is a sci-fi murder mystery: essentially, Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None in space. I confess I have not actually read And Then There Were None. I have, however, had a look at the available preview of Ten Little Astronauts, and I am heartily intrigued! If you are also intrigued, consider taking a look at it and perhaps helping it to make it into print. You can find more information here.

Kelsey Williams has written an anthology of nineteen dark stories: The Tomorrow Garden. Perhaps I should not be recommending books I have not yet actually read, but I’ve been fairly impressed with her work lately, so it seems that The Tomorrow Garden is worth checking out! You can find more information here.

And finally: Kicking and Screaming, edited by A. T. Douglas, is an eclectic anthology of short stories with proceeds going to charity. I haven’t actually read this one either, but I have read one story which made it in, and I quite enjoyed that one story: so at the very least, it has intrigued me.


Thank you, all!


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