Challenge Winner: FFM 2018

FlashFictionMonth starts tomorrow, and it’s time to select a winner from among the 27 challenges I’ve been issued this month. That’s more than double the challenges I received last year!

It’s also kind of an awkward number. I could deal with this using a random number generator, but that wouldn’t afford me a chance to use my fancy dice; so I guess I’m using a d100 and re-rolling until I get a valid number.

The winning number is… 66! Wait… 88! No, 68!
…This may take a while.
Skipping all the invalid numbers, our actual winner is: 26!
Our winning challenge comes as a last-minute entry by Teague-Drydan:
At least half of the month needs to be fairy tale re-writes. Bonus if they aren’t well known fairy tales.
Thank you, Teague-Drydan! Your points will arrive shortly. (And sorry to the no less than five of you who voted for the All-Star challenge: another time, maybe!)
Because I was kind of on a …roll (badum-tsh) and we have plenty of challenges to go around, we have a second, lower-priority winner: 4! An anonymous contributor slapped me with a glove and challenged me to write every single character queer. Which, you know, I can do, but doing it explicitly is harder. Will I be doing it anyway? Possibly! Since this isn’t the actual winner-winner, I’m not going to do any acrobatic tricks to make it explicit (and I’m certainly not going to give it as much priority as the actual winner, not to mention the official FFM challenges), but we’ll see how far I get in avoiding allocishet characters over the course of the month. Queered fairy tales, here we come!

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