FFM series in print

My own print copies of the FFM series have now arrived in the post, so I can show off just how fancy they really are! Observe:

FFM 1-4 front

The cover art looks incredibly fancy in person. The dark parts look darker than they did on the computer, the bright parts look just as bright, and overall they just really pop.

FFM 1-4 back

The back covers: also really fancy. Man these things look good.

Palalgia inside view

Excerpt from “Knock on Wood” (Palalgia), because the interactive stories are where the fancy inner formatting is most obvious. Check out those nifty skulls! Note: the apparent glow is actually just lighting; I cannot guarantee that your copy will have a glowing spine.

FFM 1-4 shelf

The spines are dark and sombre on the shelf. Very serious. You’d never guess that they’re at least 20% silly jokes. Though the effect is probably enhanced by the light-coloured books on either side, they look similar enough to be cohesive but different enough to be told apart; it’s only a shame I couldn’t mark the spines more obviously.


This also means that the book pages have been updated with convenient buy links. You can get there through the menu, but just to make things easy for you, here are all those links again:

borrowed strength ephemeron palalgia changeling cover small

Thank you, and enjoy!


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